Carolina Cooperative, as well as other American credit unions are 100% USA. TheFDR Signing credit union movement began in the United States in 1909 when the first credit union was formed in Massachusetts/New Hampshire. This opened the way to many other credit union formations and eventually to the beginning of state chartered credit unions. The federal credit union system was created in 1934 when President Roosevelt signed into law the Federal Credit Union Act. Since that time, American credit unions have remained the financial institution group that is 100% American owned, operated and serviced.

Where People Are Worth More Than Money

Banks and other financial service firms have increasingly expanded their businesses globally. This expansion has become more rapid in recent years to where they are now exporting more business, assets and jobs at an alarming rate. While the banks and other financial service firms are moving more assets and jobs overseas, America’s credit unions have kept their members assets and jobs here in the USA. We are proud to be 100% American owned, operated and serviced. Our members can rest assured that their credit union services and money will all stay here in the USA.


The credit union not only provides jobs for the local economy, but it is also the source of higher deposit rates and lower cost loans for members. Your deposits and loans also work to support the local economy in the form of more expendable income for credit union members to use as consumers. More income fuels more consumption, which benefits everyone in the community, not just credit union members. As a credit union member, we ask that you spread the word to your family members, coworkers and friends about America’s loyal financial institution, the Credit Union. Ask them to support their credit union and their country by signing up as a member. Invest your money and trust in the 100% American financial institution. Let’s keep our resources and jobs at home in the USA where they belong.